Jeremy Lundmark – Church/Ministry Web Consultant

About Jeremy Lundmark

Jeremy Lundmark has been serving in church ministry and working with web and media production for over 15 years. He has a decade of pastoral ministry experience which includes preaching, teaching, and writing. Jeremy earned his Bachelor’s degree of Religious Education from Davis College and his Master’s in Ministry from Baptist Bible Seminary.

The Mission & Field

While most mission fields have a defined location, people, and culture the internet is a bit of a different animal. The reach of the web is unrivaled in our day spanning all across the globe. Further, it is not limited to text or even radio. The internet is a mission field of the entire world and it currently has a very low barrier to entry.

For just a few dollars any church, of any size, can easily setup a professional online presence that can reach around the world. Jeremy’s mission is to assist in the equipping of ministries and churches in establishing an online presence that magnifies their ministry and connects their people.

The evangelistic opportunities of online ministry are both obvious and virtually endless. However, churches and ministries often overlook the ways in which their online presence can be used keep them connected in fellowship and discipleship training. Our objective at Multiplication Ministries is to assist churches in not only finding ways to expand their evangelistic reach, and present the Gospel professionally to the world, but also to strengthen their internal fellowship through online mediums.