A New Partnership

Multiplication Ministries Partners with Around the Corner Ministries

Multiplication Ministries is excited to announce a new partnership with Around The Corner Ministries, a ministry dedicated to developing resources to make disciples! We believe that Jesus calls us to not only be spiritually mature disciples, but to be actively involved in making disciples as we share the gospel and train up new believers.

Our ministry has focused on producing resources that help churches, small groups and individuals be equipped to reach others with the gospel. We can now offer you their resource,  Going Around The Corner Bible Study, as a perfect companion to our tried and true One-To-One Discipleship, to complete the disciple-making cycle that Jesus taught us.

The graphic above illustrates how these two resources can be used together. A mature believer, “Matt,” begins with Going Around The Corner Bible Study, learning to share his faith. In time, he leads his friend, “John,” to Christ. Together, they go through the One-To-One Discipleship workbook, establishing and grounding John in the foundations of his new faith. Now John is ready to share his faith, and works through the Going Around The Corner study as Matt models the same principles and encourages him through the study. John moves from being a disciple, to a confident, equipped disciple-maker himself, leading his neighbor “Phil,” to Christ, and disciples him personally. The cycle continues, multiplication occurs, and the kingdom grows as Jesus intended.

Visit our Disciple Makers Store for more details on these time-tested resources and consider how they can help you impact your community with the good news of the gospel!

When used together in a one-on-one setting, these two resources provide a unique synergy of being discipled and becoming a disciple-maker.